Do you work in an industry rapidly transforming with the possibilities of autonomy?  By the end of this book, you'll understand the basics of GNSS and how it enables autonomy, giving you a solid foundation for further study or application.

"GNSS are at the heart of answering the questions: where am I and how do I get to my destination, and this book shows how answering these questions will help create a sustainable future."

- Dr. Robert Thirsk (astronaut, doctor, engineer)

What you'll learn:

The basics of GNSS

Explaining GNSS, how to resolve errors using correction services and how to protect against interference, jamming or spoofing. 

Sensor fusion techniques

GNSS and inertial systems integration, why combining additional sensors is beneficial and necessary for autonomy. 

Enabling autonomy

How GNSS are vital for safety-critical and functional safety designs, plus real case studies demonstrating autonomy both on- and off-road.

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